My (now deceased) friend Alex would laugh his butt off over this, since he could never, ever, get me to try sushi during his lifetime. But maybe a little in his honor, I braved the wild seaweed and rice rolls and… and… and found I actually ENJOYED them!

In fact, I enjoyed sushi (and sashimi) so much that “Sushi’o” became my favorite restaurant in Korea. How’s THAT for having a mind-blowing psychic change?

Before I left home, I had put “try sushi” on the list of things I wanted to be sure to do while visiting Asia. I figured the sushi would be as good as anywhere in the world, and I might as well taste it here, if ever!

So the four of us (Don, Chris, Miriam and me) trotted off to a fourth-floor restaurant in Nowon-gu. The first thing I noticed was the conveyor belt, moving little clear-covered saucers all around the room with one or two pieces of sushi on each one.

The second thing was that in addition to the moving sushi, there was an entire salad bar, soup bar, noodle bar, deep fried appetizer bar, and a place to make a DIY ice cream sundae. So even if I didn’t like sushi, I certainly wouldn’t starve!

In case you are as in the dark as I was, sashimi is the thinly-sliced raw fish (salmon, tuna, and so much more), and sushi is really a rice-roll, sometimes wrapped with seaweed (which I also love now), and has a little fish, or vegetables like carrots or green onion or bok choy, or another type of meat (like duck or pork) tucked inside.

My very favorite item from the conveyor belt had a thin slice of melt-in-your mouth salmon draped over a seaweed-wrapped sushi roll containing a small amount of several kinds of vegetables, topped with, of all things, a slice of Velveeta cheese and drizzled with blueberry syrup! No kidding!!

Of course, I ate like it was Thanksgiving, and totally stuffed myself. So to work it part of it off, we walked home from the restaurant along the canal as night fell on the city. Great ending to a great meal!