As far as I know, none of my “family of origin” managed to get together for Christmas dinner this year. As you may have surmised, my blood relatives are not all that close.

Although I was invited to my brother’s, given my current mental (and medical) state, it was best for me to just hunker down and spend the day doing some reading I’d been piling up on my headboard. No sense driving four hours each way just to overeat another meal.

So I do hope you and yours enjoyed Christmas. For me, it was just another day—extremely ironic, given that I decorated my house from top to bottom over a three-week period, leaving no room ungaudy. My 28 large totes testify to my obsession with overdecorating every room.

In my fantasy world, the house is full of laughter and love and good friends sharing good stories all throughout this season, from Thanksgiving till the Festival of Kings (a.k.a. The Epiphany, a.k.a. The 12th day of Christmas) on January 6th.

In my reality, a 2-hour holiday party, most of which is always a blur, has substituted for an entire 6-week celebration for the past 31 years. My expectations have always fallen far short of my reality.

So if I had any motivation today, I’d start taking down the decorations right now, even before watching the ball drop in Times Square tomorrow night. But it’s apparent that I’m lacking the needed motivation.

Turner Classic Movie Channel, here I come!