9619A great number of sitcoms lately have made light of this very serious question. Or maybe I’m just acutely aware of them now that my own medical well-being is on the line.

A week ago on “Mike and Molly,” the entire plot revolved around how long it would take each of the daughters to decide it was time to end their mother’s life, which pretty much depended upon who was inheriting what.

And some of it was pretty darn funny.

All of it might have been funny if I had not finished updating my will, having my Medical Directive notarized, and designated my Medical Power of Attorney just that afternoon.

Timing is indeed everything.Last-Will-and-Testament

Nevertheless, none of us are getting any younger, and in the wise words attributed to, but probably not really said by Buddha, “The problem with you is that you think you have time.”

So I’m up on my soapbox today, urging you all to STOP PUTTING THIS OFF! The kindest, most loving thing you can do for your “surviving family” is to have everything spelled out. Your directive, your funeral arrangements, who will get the 1200 beanie babies you collected back in the 90s “as an investment,” and so forth and so on.

pull-the-plugMy paperwork is done. I’m all set and ready to check out. There will be no indecision, no fighting, no second guessing, and no confusion in 30 or 40 years when I’m done on this planet.

Until then, it’s full steam ahead!