2013-07-01_001Time to admit it: I am NOT Superwoman!

Lord knows, I’ve desperately tried to keep up appearances, what with everything in my life I’ve been managing to juggle for quite a while now, but it’s finally time to come right out and say I simply can’t keep doing this!

Specifically, through the “magic” of electronic pre-posting, I’ve been able to have both this blog and my facebook page “Back from Obesity” continue to have regular entries appear, day in, and day out, for many months. But now my backlog of posts are empty, and I’m too (pick one or more): stressed, tired, mind-boggled, overwhelmed, befuddled, freaked out, scared, panicked (etc) to attempt any type of coherent writing.

And why is that, you ask? Well, simply because my heart surgery is scheduled for this week, and I have far too many things to get accomplished to be messing with anything that isn’t absolutely “necessary” to do before then.

In other words, some things had to go, and writing a blog that my Statcounter app tells me so very few are reading is at the top of that list. So for the dozen or so who’ve been regular readers since January, 2009, thank you for that! And for others who’ve wondered what they’ve missed, now’s a good time to go back and see what I’ve been up to for the past SEVEN YEARS here!

A couple of my favorite highlights: In May, 2012, there was the accounting of the trip to Italy and Austria. In September of the same year, England and Scotland. In June, 2015 I photo-documented Korea, Japan and China, and last September I was off to Greece! But there’s more to my blogs than travels, and if you muck around in there long enough, you’re sure to learn a few things definitely worth knowing!Jan

The past few weeks, I’ve been writing about my heart condition, which is understandably my primary focus these days, and right about now I’m gathering more info for the next series of “informational” blogs, wondering if I can convince one of the nurses to take a few pictures of the right atrial tumor-removal procedure for me…

So to borrow a few words from “Ahh-nold” Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back!” and look forward to reconnecting with you then. Meanwhile, as I mentioned earlier, there are SEVEN YEARS of posts you can read through when you’re looking for something to keep you occupied this month.

Abundant blessings, Jan