img_6126Hello, Sportsfans!

Yes, I’ve been off on another “passport required” adventure, this time to the beautiful “Emerald Isle.” I traveled for the fifth time with YMT Vacations, mainly because I am comfortable with their commitment to showing me the greatest amount of countryside for the least amount of money, and  I’ve never been disappointed.

The decision to go to Ireland was due in great part to the fact that I was in a quasi-relationship with a bona fide Irish Catholic. He wanted to see his “native homeland,” and I was eager to see another part of the world (although I’d done all of England and looped up through Edinburgh in 2012).

As my “relationship” with the Irish Catholic began to crumble, I’d already done my homework, and my travel appetite was whetted. I had learned enough about Ireland through reading (God bless Rick Steves’ travel books!) and internet research, and determined to go alone. Traveling solo is fairly easy to do with a travel group, albeit the “single supplement” of an additional 50% is a little daunting. deal-of-the-day-header_irt2

So at the tail end of June, when I got an “Ireland on Sale” email from YMT, I made the call, and subsequently made the reservation. The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to post LOTS and LOTS of photos of my trip, with a running commentary of facts, opinions, thoughts, and impressions. We “looped” the entire island, and I briefly saw everything I’d read about, dreamed about, and then some.

As the Irish say, “an té a bhíónn siúlach, bíonn scéalach,” meaning “he who travels has stories to tell.” So come along, and let Ireland work its way to the top of YOUR bucket list!