Time is weird. Today is Grandpa’s birthday, and if he were living, he’d be quite the phenomena at 123 years old. The funny thing is, he’s been gone 29 years already, and I can’t quite get my mind totally wrapped around that little bit of information.

Where the hell did the time go? I distinctly remember being 18, and heading off to college, 23 and landing a teaching job here at the beach, and then suddenly I was retired and qualifying for senior discounts!

And every single morning, there’s this 18-year-old inside of me screaming, “DO NOT look into the mirror!” Cause when I look into the mirror, there’s this reflection so inconsistent with being 18 is scares me silly. Who IS that woman?

“That woman” is still a full 37 years younger than Gramps was the day he died, so I guess I better get used to looking at her. But the old bat better not stop coloring her hair!