11263981_10206405220112077_5580552720281002893_nI’m inextricably drawn to the more creative, quirky kinds of people: Actors, musicians, writers, artists, circus clowns and hams of all types. So naturally, during the UFO Festival in McMinnville a couple weeks ago, you could find me hanging out with The Willamette Radio Workshop gang performing the live radio show.

This is not your average “Readers’ Theater.” It’s gone up quite a few notches since the days of “Amos and Andy, ” or “Fibber McGee and Molly,” back in the 1940s.WRW 2

“The Martian Death March” and “Planet Man” were the featured shows that weekend. And in between the two…. Well, in between the two shows there was this crazy lyricist writer-woman who has never, ever, aspired to be “on stage,” prancing and dancing to a song she wrote especially for the occasion entitled “Alien Girlfriend.”

But yep, I admit it—that was me behind those emerald green “fly-eye” glasses, orange and black star-studded jester’s hat and cummerbund-cinched silver metallic waistband.

WRW 3What a hoot! Quite the rush! And no, I do NOT want to make a habit of participating in such improv insanity! I’m rather content to be a “behind the scenes” kind of gal, and I make myself useful by helping load in and load out heavy equipment, thank you very much!

Nevertheless, I had a great time, and look forward to my next oppoWRW 1rtunity to rub elbows with these folks. They’re talented, creative, extroverted, self-styled and enthusiastic doing what they do, and it won’t hurt me a bit to pick up a few tips from those speaking into a WRW microphone on a regular basis.

Thanks to all who made me feel so welcome during my sojourn into this unexplored world. Hope to see you soon!