Today I’m in a state of quasi-limbo. My first stint as a playwright is behind me, and looking to my writing future I see…  What?

Like most writers, or wannabe writers, I have a drawer full of unfinished manuscripts. Ok, make that a couple drawers full. To date, I have 28, yes, that’s TWENTY-EIGHT incomplete writing projects, which includes three collections of my newspaper columns, several books of poetry, a book of silly outgoing answering machine messages, a memoir of my most unforgettable 4th grade student, a suspense/mystery/comedy novel with a middle-aged female protagonist, a nonfiction memoir of my personal weight-loss journey, and a collection of light and fluffy short romance stories (all rejected by Woman’s World Magazine), just to name a few.

Or, I could start writing another one-act play. The Peninsula Players in Ilwaco will be soliciting local plays for consideration in August, and lightning COULD strike again, a little closer to home this time…

All I know for sure is that whatever I tackle next, whether it be simply the continuation of this blog every other day or something much, much bigger, writing is very much a part of my life and will continue to be so.

Perhaps I’ll put the names of all my heretofore aborted writing projects into a hat and draw one out… Perhaps I’ll just line them all up and see which one speaks to me. Perhaps I’ll try something new. But whatever goal I decide to aim for next, you can be sure I’ll keep you “posted.”