I live at the corner of Columbia and Pacific. That’s the river and the ocean. The very end of the trail for the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery. A place rich in history, and as fresh as a spring rain. Or a summer rain. Or a fall rain. Or… Well, you get the picture.

Last Saturday I got to combine my love of this area with my knowledge of its past and present. I’ve lived here over 30 years and taught Pacific Northwest History long enough that it has become a big part of who I am. My friend and former student, Ragan Andrew, now the Events Coordinator for the city of Long Beach, recognized that and asked me to share what I know by being a charter boat tour guide.

What fun! Four hours on the Columbia River, sharing history, telling stories, and pointing out the formations of “Dismal Nitch,” “Station Camp,” Point Ellice” “Yellow Bluff” and “Scarborough Head” as we passed them on the water side. Quite frankly, it was my kind of heaven: A captive audience for a nonstop historical lecture!

I hope you laughed when you read that! It was a beautiful day, and the 14 passengers, (who were all there voluntarily) certainly got their money’s worth out of me. Once a teacher, always a teacher, and I can say without reservation that the “mouth” of the Columbia is alive and well!