I was taking a car trip with some good friends of mine last week when I mentioned that lately I had been experiencing a high degree of unaccustomed serenity. “I don’t know how to behave,” I told them. “What will I do without my two faithful side-kicks, Chaos and Drama?”

Candace, my friend with an extensive theatrical background, immediately piped up, “I’ll be Drama.”

I made swift eye contact with Patty. “So that leaves you to be Chaos.”

Candace’s 8-year-old son quickly interrupted to put his two cents in. “No, I’ll be Chaos. The kids are always chaos.”

Which gave me immediate cause to pause. If the kids are always chaos, a premise I will not argue, then just what have I been doing the last 40 plus years of my life?  What relationships, personal or professional, have I sabotaged by refusing to grow up and deal with life on life’s terms? What have I gained, or more likely lost, by continuously stirring the pot?

I erroneously thought being calm and serene meant my life would suddenly become boring. Today I know better. While I’m still plenty young enough to run and skip and play like other kids, I find myself suddenly evolving into a kinder, softer, gentler person. No more emotional roller coaster rides! No more flying bullets and hidden mine fields!

What a novel idea!