A few days ago I had dinner with four friends of mine. Although our gathering was originally slated as nothing more than grabbing something to eat before attending the theater, we had a woman in our midst celebrating her 75th birthday.

Since I’m always up for a party, and happen to retain birth date information like a pregnant woman’s ankles retain water, I scanned the table and quickly discovered that all five of us had birthdays within 30 days of each other. How could that be?

Let’s see… We’re all writers, we all have a quirky sense of humor, and we were all on our way to see a community theater production. So what does being born at the same time of year have to do with it?

The argument was made that astrologically we are all pretty compatible. And then we started extending the 30-day boundaries, just a little, and including friends not present to see who else we knew who could be included in our “inner circle.” For me, the answer was totally mind-blowing.

In order of appearance, the last five men who have caught my interest in more than a casual way (over the past 10 years or so) have been born on June 30, June 1, June 6, June 23, and currently June 16. What are the odds on that?! Examining those dates more closely, I see a direct “honing in” on the middle of the month, kind of like water swirling to the bottom of a funnel.

So exactly what DOES that mean? Since I don’t believe in “accident” or “coincidence” I find myself contemplating the idea that there could very well be something astrological, or mystical, or downright spooky going on here. Or maybe it’s something like Divine Intervention. And isn’t THAT an interesting concept to ponder?