I’ve had my motorcycle license since I was 17. I’ve had a variety of motorcycles as well. I’ve even gone a few years without one, but those were not my finest years.

My current motorcycle is a 1980 Honda 200 Twinstar— a little maroon puddle-jumper. I love it, but it’s not exactly a long-distance touring bike. In other words, I don’t go far, I don’t go fast, but I sure love the sense of exhilaration I get from riding it.

Unfortunately, the nearest motorcycle repair shop is across the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon. Fortunately, I found someone who had a trailer to haul it over there this spring for a complete tune-up. Unfortunately, that same person was not available when it came time to pick my bike up. Fortunately, my work as a life coach has many side benefits.

As I look back over my blog entries, I see the common themes: taking risks, doing what you love, being grateful for everything that comes your way, having patience, taking a leap of faith, facing fears… you name it, and pretty soon it shows up in my writing.

So on a beautiful sunny day, I faced my fear of the great Meglar-Astoria bridge, and rode the motorcycle across the four-mile span myself. I zipped down the steep incline at 55 miles per hour, riding hell bent for the Washington coast. There was nothing much more than grace between me and the oncoming traffic. I took a huge gulp of air and yelled at the top of my lungs: “WHEEEEEEEEE!”

No ride at Disneyland could ever have brought such joy.