Breathe. It’s a simple concept, really, but there are days when I swear I haven’t the time to do it. Try it yourself now: Stop what you’re doing. Close your eyes. Breathe.

Now some of you did that, and some of you just kept reading because you think you don’t have time to stop right now. But I want to invite you to really do it. Do it for ONE MINUTE. You DO have one minute, I promise. Put your hands in your lap and take at least five slow, deep breaths. Count them. Don’t think about anything except your breathing. Block all thoughts that come tumbling in just because they’ve found an opening. Focus only upon your breath. Deep and slow.

There, that’s better.

Personally, I try to breathe on a regular basis. I even have several different venues in which to practice my breathing. These sanctuaries are my secret places to run away to, and I have them scattered all over the Pacific Northwest, from Lincoln City, Oregon, to Victoria, B.C. I even have several places I like to sit and breathe right here in my hometown.

Breathing is a form of meditation. It clears the pathways to sanity and serenity. I get much clarity and many insights following a short period of meditation, but I have to slow down and allow them to catch up to me by being still for a while. Then I go on with a renewed sense of peace and purpose.

Take time today to become centered. Learn to breathe. You’re definitely worth it!