QUICK! When do you use “e.g.” and when is “i.e.” the appropriate term?

Time’s up!

So here’s today’s English lesson, although it’s actually Latin we’re dealing with. (No, don’t bother to tell me I ended a sentence with a preposition… we’ll deal with that some  other time.)

The Latin expression exempli gratia means “for the sake of an example.” E.g. is used similar to when you would used the word “including.” I am fond of eating tropical fruits, e.g., pineapple, mango and kiwi.

The Latin expression “id est,” or i.e., is used in place of such phrases as “in other words,” “that is,” or “it is.”  I am fond of eating tropical fruits, i.e., when I can find them locally.

Ok, that’s it for today! I.e., I’m cutting this short to go play!