Someone once asked me if I aimed to be the Perle Mesta of the West Coast. Of course, I had to immediately google Perle Mesta before I could respond appropriately.

Lest you forget, Perle Mesta was most noted for her parties, which brought together senators, congressmen, cabinet secretaries and other luminaries in bipartisan soirées of high-class glamour. An invitation one of her parties was a sure sign that one had reached the inner circle of Washington political society.

Well, when you put it that way, then yes, I DO aim to emulate Mrs. Mesta. Once a year I bring together all my various assorted and sundry groups for one big holiday shindig. I have a piano player come in from Seattle, and my writer friends, theater friends, church friends, computer group friends, school friends, neighbors and an eclectic assortment of “other” friends gather ‘round to belt out a few Christmas carols in my rec room.

As my minister once remarked, “Everyone at this party is so well-versed… But none of them are talking about the same thing!”

That’s the way I like it. Different strokes for different folks, all brought together to celebrate the season. Peace on earth, goodwill to all, means ALL— from every walk of life, from every continent and every country, even from both ends of the peninsula.

Let the party begin!