I read everything, even the entire label on my yogurt container. And there, in bright red letters near the bottom, it said: “Protect Wildlife, crush cup before disposal.”

Now, I’m wondering just what particular wildlife they are talking about. It’s true that the cup is narrower at the top than the bottom, but if it is disposed of properly, then it’s in a landfill, and I’m thinking rats.

Nevertheless, when I finished eating my yogurt, I attempted to crush the cup. I say attempted, because these particular cups were probably used for exterior tiles on the space shuttle. Damn near indestructible! (Go ahead, try it… I know you want to.)

So I did what any ecologically conscious person would do. Well, maybe not just any person, but this is what I did: I decided to buy the other brand of yogurt the next time I go shopping, thereby eliminating any guilt over not crushing the pyramid-shaped cup.

Hey, I’m just doing my part to save God’s little critters, landfill rats and all!