Well, here we are. Blog entry number 250. So what have we learned?

When I began writing this blog, in January 2009, the intention was at least three-fold: to promote Daybreak Solutions, my life coaching business, to “educate the masses” about the awesome power of the Law of Attraction, and to keep my fingers nimble and mind creative while writing to a self-imposed “deadline” every odd-numbered day.

That last little “goal” has been a lifesaver. If it weren’t for this blog, there are whole weeks and maybe even months where I might not have sharpened my metaphorical pencil and attempted any form of coherent communication.

Which brings me to the also awesome power of journaling. Journaling helps us figure out what it is we really think about something. By putting it all down on paper, we are able to sort and shift, edit and tweak, hone and polish, until finally, by mulling things around long enough in black and white, we find clarity on a subject. And clarity is a good thing.

Today I invite you all to either start, or continue, journaling in whatever form is most comfortable for you. I write in a lined and hardbound Gratitude Journal every night. I write what is “right” in my world. Focusing only on the positive is a good way to wrap up the day and adjusts my attitude for a better tomorrow.

So I suggest making a 30-day commitment to write a little every day. You’ll be amazed what all you learn about yourself!