The Peninsula Women in Business (PWIB) group met at my home for an “After Hours” social event two weeks ago. One of the women arrived a little late, coming through the door with much aplomb, a big smile on her face and (unopened) wine bottle in hand.

As I handed her a corkscrew, she related a wonderful story of how she had stopped at a nearby “gas station store,” where she found this fabulous bottle of wine, but best of all had discovered the people working there to be friendly, helpful, and very customer service oriented. She said she had lived here for many years without stopping in at that particular market, and because of their attitude she would make it a point to stop in again.

Our informal “meeting” concluded a few hours later, and I couldn’t stop thinking about this woman’s story. The business she had referred to is one I happen to frequent. The following day I made it a point to tell the owner what she had shared with the women at our gathering. I do believe it made his whole day.

Bad news makes the front page. Complaints are more often voiced than praise. You already know the moral of my story. Today I invite you to focus on what’s right and find something “good” to say to someone who may not expect it.

The Law of Attraction encourages us all to be responsible for raising the universal vibration. And it starts with just one compliment. Pass it on!