According to Janet Evanovich’s twice-yearly newsletter (yes, I subscribe), her first book-to-movie venture is now in production. “One for the Money,” the first in her “by the numbers” series, began filming in Philadelphia in July. Wait a minute… Philadelphia? How is it they’re filming in Pennsylvania and not Trenton, New Jersey?

And while I’m not totally confident that Katherine Heigl can pull off the role of physically rambunctious Stephanie Plum, or that Jason O’Mara (born in Ireland, for crying out loud!) will do justice to the role of the stereotypical all-Italian Joe Morelli, casting Sherri Shepherd as Lula is pure genius.

Regardless of my reservations, you can bet I’m anxious to see what Hollywood has done to a delightful romp of a book. I’ve read the entire series, and I’m always eager for more. Prolific Evanovich released “Sizzling Sixteen” last June, and the spin-off “Wicked” series made its debut a few days ago.

Janet Evanovich is my favorite author, and not just because we share the same first name. I’m hoping the powers that be will do well by her words as they put this book on the silver screen. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait till July, 2011, to find out!