Some days—fortunately not often—I can almost see an ugly dark gray cloud hanging over my head. Since it’s not my usual head covering, when it happens I tend to free-fall into a deep blue funk. Whether I blame it on hormonal mood swings or the result of squaring off with challenging circumstances, there’s really nothing I can do but wallow for a day or two.

Facing life on life’s terms isn’t something I come by naturally. Trying to “man up,” so to speak, and disregard the crappola that is occasionally thrown my direction is easier said than done. So I dig deep under the covers and cling to what my elementary principal told me 45 years ago: “This too shall pass.”

And it will pass, usually just as soon as I accept the situation and stop fighting it. A friend of mine, recently subjected to listening to me whine about life not being fair, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Life is not all Skittles and strawberries, you know!”

Well now, there’s some down-home wisdom we can all certainly use! So when life throws lemons at you, and you’re wondering if things are ever going to get better, consider the times when it IS all Skittles and strawberries, and smile, knowing for certain-sure that this, too, shall pass.