I didn’t go clam digging during the last round of low tides. I still have a couple limits in the freezer, and I’m not all that greedy.

But I hear-tell I missed a good show. Bless their little city-dwelling hearts, a family of Dad, Mom, and several kids came to the peninsula for little quality time on the beach. What set them apart from other families here to harvest bivalves was their attire. According to a very reliable source, all four of them sported head-to-toe camouflage clothing.

My mind immediately shifted into overdrive: Did they think they had to sneak up on the clams? Were they part of a larger clandestine militia group? Was all their other clothing in the laundry?

Everyone knows I’m not particularly shy about asking such questions, so I’m sorry I missed my chance to get those answers. Guess I’ll never know what was going through their minds as they dressed for clam hunting.

But I’ll bet the clams were sure caught by surprise.