Historically speaking, a grange was a granary, a barn, or a farm. But today, Granges are lodges of national fraternal association, which were begun by farmers. And teachers.

So having been a teacher, and having had grandparents who farmed, it was only natural that I chose, out of all the bazillions of holiday bazaars going on around the peninsula this weekend, to participate in one taking place at the Long Beach Grange.

After the Long Beach Grange Bingo stopped happening there, many people thought the grange had gone the way of rotary phones, black and white TV, and leaded paint. But the grange people, bless their little pea-picking hearts, are working like mad to keep it going strong. I encourage their efforts by choosing to sell my books there.

So in your wanderings this weekend, come on by, and you, too, can support your local grange! The bazaar entrance is around back, right off the main parking lot. We’re taking over and decorating the downstairs space, and the kitchen will be serving up homemade burgers and soups and such.

The Long Beach Grange Holiday Bazaar, Friday and Saturday, November 26 and 27, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. See you there!