In my last blog, I wrote about the grange, and how some people had thought it had “gone the way of rotary phones, black and white TV, and leaded paint.” At first I had considered adding “the horse and buggy” to my historically-referenced list, but then rejected the idea.

“I don’t want to offend my Amish readers,” I tongue-in-cheekly explained to a friend.

My friend immediately replied, “So you think a lot of the Amish fire up their steam-powered computers and read your blog, do you?”

To which I retorted, “Hey! Wait just a darned minute! I’ve been to Intercourse, Pennsylvania, in the very heart of the Amish country, and I picked up a business card so I could go to their website and order their home-canned products online!”

“Oh… I see….” My friend smiled. The very friend who helped me set up my new website,, a mere two months ago. “So…” he continued. “You’re telling me the Amish actually beat you into the 21st century…”

Ooops. He’s right. But… but… Well, what the heck, at least I’m here now!