I’ve been watching with interest the road reconstruction being done between Chinook and the tunnel. It’s part of the “Fort Columbia Tidal Wetland Restoration Project.”

Rumor has it there’s going to be a huge culvert running under the roadway between the Columbia River and a manmade pond on the other side. This is allegedly being done to increase the salmon returns.

Never mind that the roadway, once a railway, has been in place for many, many decades. Never mind that none of the fish living today remember there was once access to wetlands near Scarborough Head.

According to their website, CREST, which stands for Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce, seeks to restore approximately 96 acres of tidal wetlands in the Chinook River watershed by restoring connection to tidal influence.

HELLO??? Have they actually seen just how far the mudflats extend when the tide recedes in that area? Are the salmon supposed to WALK through the culvert at low tide? And what about the fish left stranded in the pond with no escape?

I can see it all now— the pond bank lined with hungry heron as the water recedes twice each day… Welcome to the buffet, boys! We’ve spent millions of tax dollars to bring you your breakfast today! Eat up!