Tomorrow is Earth Day, with a capital “E.” If it weren’t capitalized, no doubt someone, somewhere, would petition for an air day, a fire day, and a water day.

I’d go for a water day myself. Water irrigates the crops, puts out fires, gives fish a place to live, and really floats my boat.

“It’s the water” was an advertising slogan for Olympia Beer a few decades ago, back when Olympia Beer was actually brewed in Olympia. We used to laugh about that slogan, having seen numerous ducks swimming in the ponds next to the brewery.

“It’s the duck poop” definitely influenced my early beverage choices.

Recently, I was drinking an unfamiliar brand of bottled water. I rotated the bottle to read the label and “It’s the Water” was printed across the top edge.

What?! Could it be?! But by the time I got to a computer, I’d forgotten the brand name. Undaunted, I started researching the history of the Olympia Brewery. Over an hour later, I had discovered that yes, indeed, the site had been sold to a water bottling company, but alas! the company had gone bankrupt in 2007.

So, no, I was not drinking “bottled duck poop.” What a relief!

I also discovered some very interesting history about the owners of the brewery and the reason that was blamed for sales dropping off in the early 1980s. If you’re interested, you can check out wikipedia on the subject.

Meanwhile, you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with Earth Day, 2011. Well, truthfully, not a damn thing. I just couldn’t think of much to write about “Earth, Wind, and Fire,” despite the fact that after 40 years, the group is STILL on tour…