I got one of those annoying pass-around emails the other day that told me there were five things you could not recover in life. They listed The Stone, after it’s thrown; The Word, after it’s said; The Occasion, after it’s missed; The Time, after it’s gone; and A Person, after they die.

So that got me to thinking (admittedly, it was a slow day for thinking) that surely there must be more than FIVE things you can’t recover in life, so I came up with a few more of my own.

What about youth? Or an overdone steak? Or an email sent to the wrong person? Or a cell phone dropped into the ocean? Or your investment in the Enron Corporation? Or a worn-out 1950’s hide-a-bed? (Think about it)

And so my list went on and on, as I wasted an unwarranted amount of potential writing time considering various possibilities.

The last time I got sucked into actually thinking about a chain-email before simply hitting the delete button was when some moron was perpetuating the myth that October, 2010, would be the last time there would be five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays in the month of October for something like 823 years! And then, I kid you not, I got ANOTHER one this week saying the same thing about July, 2011! What’s the world coming to that we don’t CHALLENGE such nonsense before mindlessly accepting it?

Good God! As I skimmed through the names of people who had actually FORWARDED this misinformation, I was shocked. (Not deleting previous senders’ names before forwarding also shocks me, but that’s a topic for another blog.) People I believed had more than a double-digit IQ were blindly sending this along without questioning the information!

For the record: EVERY 31-day month that begins on a Friday has three Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. October will have the same alignment in 2021, and July will have one again in 2022.

But as usual, I’m digressing. Getting back to those “five” things you cannot recover in life… how about one’s virginity?