Life Coach Martha Beck, in the February edition of “O” Magazine, listed a compiled set of 20 questions “every woman should ask herself.” I didn’t necessarily agree with her selections, but it got me to thinking.

Some of the ones I came up with include: “Do I make a difference?” “What good is worry?” “Will this be important in a hundred years?” “What do I need to forgive?” “What do I need to make amends for?” and “What’s my legacy?”

My author-friend Randall Platt teaches a workshop to help writers quit procrastinating. She calls it “So, how long ya plannin’ on livin’?” That’s another good question, and one which has inspired me to tackle some of the challenges I’ve long been avoiding.

Writing my 20 Questions was a good exercise in self-awareness, priorities, and even, in a strange way, the acceptance of mortality. So I invite you to explore the questions you need to ask yourself, and then, of course, answer them!