Yeah, I know, I’m usually the one adamantly insisting on celebrating one holiday at a time, but my 48 stories and the scripts from three holiday one-act plays are meant to be shared and enjoyed during the time prior to the big day.

Staring at the book cover, in all its beautiful red and green and white glory, thrills me to see exactly what I envisioned when I began wondering if I had “enough” for a whole Christmas book just a few months (and a lot of intensive labor) ago.

Technically, this 226-page book took me 20 years to write. Little did I know, when I penned that first holiday story for the Chinook Observer back in 1991, that someday it would be part of a timeless seasonal collection.

It may not be Christmas anywhere else in the world today, but here in my office, I’m Decking the Halls and breaking out the hot, spiced wassail in celebration. Life is so very, very good!