How well I remember telling a colleague of mine, 20 or so years ago, that he must either adapt to the emerging challenges and conditions of our chosen career, or become extinct. Twenty years ago he was about the age I am now.

It’s not that I’m incapable of accepting change, it’s just that it takes me a mite longer these days to believe that the status quo has evolved, and now resides in unfamiliar territory.

Just when I was used to accessing the Internet with computer dial-up, DSL mowed me over. About the time I figured out how to program my VCR, along came DVDs. Just when I finally caved-in and got a basic cell phone, along came all the bells and whistles on “smart” phones.

So naturally I’ve been kicking and screaming, resisting any thought of publishing eBooks. But sooner or later, I had to admit that the fad had become a trend, and the trend had become the norm, and it was time to get on board.

Consequently, I’m thrilled to announce that my first sojourn into the world of ePublishing has been successfully uploaded and is in the “waiting approval” stage. I made it through the 72-page manual, with a lot of help from my techie friend Rick, and I’m confident that my brand new collection of romantic short stories will be listed in the “Premium Catalog” in just a few days.

The world is constantly changing, with or without me. I’ll let you know when you can go check out my first eBook. It will be available soon in over a half-dozen different formats! WHEW!