The idea that something remains “fresh” if it’s frozen seems like the classic oxymoron. In my book, fresh means fresh. If it’s been frozen, it’s not fresh anymore.

That’s marketing for you. “Previously owned” vehicles have now taken the place of “used cars.” “Estate sales” have come into vogue as a classier name for dumping all your unwanted junk in the yard and hoping the neighbors will give you a few cents for it.

And don’t get me started trying to understand the differences between “select,” “premium,” and “choice.” What ever happened to good old “Grade A” beef?

However, as I was driving to the pool for water aerobics early yesterday morning, I saw a dead o’possum alongside the road, and immediately had a much better grasp of the concept “frozen for freshness.”

The crows will just have to wait it thaws to have fresh meat for dinner.