Take time out for a two-part exercise in fun today. Part One is to make an honest attempt to equally apply the July 18 horoscope reproduced below to the following people: Vin Diesel (45), Nelson Mandela (94), Red Skelton, John Glenn (91), James Brolin (72), Harriet Nelson, and George Machine Gun Kelly.

Yes, I’m serious. Pause for more than a fraction of a second and see if today’s horoscope doesn’t sound just like them. Dollars to donuts, you’ll be amazed at the universality of these words:

“As a Cancer born on July 18th, your strengths lie in your emotional sensitivity and unfaltering optimism. You are very comfortable with your own emotional workings, as well as those of others. This ability makes it easy for you to have the right thing to say, a gift which your friends and family greatly appreciate. When times are rough, you have the ability to see the bright side of things and help to uplift others with your positive attitude.”

Part Two is to take this same July 18th horoscope and see how it also applies to you.

Uh-huh, I thought so. It fits me to a T, too. Unadulterated proof that horoscope creators are the true geniuses of the written word.

Now smile, and get out there and have a great day!