“You’ve written 900 blogs?” asked an incredulous Anna Marie.

“You got something wrong with your hearing?” I replied. “Yes, as I just told you, I’ve written a whopping 900 of these little buggers. I’ve been posting as regular as prune juice in a nursing home since February, 2009.”

Anna Marie took the time to roll her eyes before responding. “You must have a huge readership by now.”

“Actually, my readership numbers are just south of abysmal.” I shook my head. “And I really don’t want to talk about it.”

Naturally, she couldn’t just let it go. She squinted her eyes and peered meaningfully at me. “If so few are reading your blog, why are you still writing it?”

“That’s a damn good question,” I said. “And I’ve been asking myself the same thing on another, even more regular basis, ever since I started.”

So why DO I do it?

Because, I tell myself during my weekly pep talk, sooner or later, I’m going to attract the readership I desire. I’m hoping it’s sooner, of course, but the Universe has certainly been taking its time the past five and a half years.

I started writing this blog to create a viable “online presence” so that when agents and publishers came knocking my door down to get me to sign with them, they will be impressed by how dependable, reliable, consistent and tenacious I am.

And that idea underlies what continues to motivate me today:

I write because I cannot not write. But it will sure be nice to get rich while I’m doing it!