There are over 30 miles of paved “trails” in the Wood River Valley. My friend “Idaho Steve” lives just two blocks from the longest and most used portion of this fabulous system, and I take full advantage of it when I visit.


Steve’s dog Tari likes to go along, but her body is aging, and she can’t handle daily three or four mile jaunts any more. She loves it when she gets to go, but the next day her hips let her know it’s time to rest up.


The scenery is spectacular, the June weather always pleasant, and the only thing I can complain about is that you can literally see for miles ahead and behind—no meandering curves or interesting detours!


Nevertheless, it’s great to get out and walk, and next year, I’m planning on biking a little, and pushing my limited walking range—as soon as I figure out how to take my bike apart so it fits into the Mustang!

Meanwhile, when I need a mental break, I’ll just enjoy these photos, remembering the warm sun, the smell of sagebrush, and the shadows on distant hills.


It’s all good.