I swear, Theo is only in Long Beach “on loan” —just until Rick is well enough to have him back at his house. That little jabbermouth is quite vocal and independent and fearless and he needs to be back in a one-cat household before he manages to teach my other two cats any of his wily (a.k.a. “bad behavior”) ways!

Yet I’m sure it was meant for them to be together right now. Three “ginger cats” named Alvin, Simon, and Theodore need their brothers for moral support. Theo hated being alone at Rick’s all day. He was overly exuberant in mauling me once I got back there to sleep, and I couldn’t give him enough attention.

But coming home to three cats here is a little much. Top on my list of complaints is no privacy! Apparently, I am incapable of using the bathroom without assistance. I can’t shower alone, I can’t put on my make-up, I can’t even use the toilet by myself. And don’t bother suggesting I close the door—that’s when the ruckus in the hall really starts!

Strangest of all is that the three of them all have an obsession with water. Theo will get right in the tub with me—while the shower is on! Alvin comes running whenever I head for the bathroom; he likes to entangle himself in my feet when I’m sitting still. And Simon wants desperately to crawl in my lap while I’m perched on the throne.

Yet where would I be without the little fuzzbuckets? Coming home certainly wouldn’t be as much fun without them to look forward to. And where else can I enjoy getting three cat scans, for free, all at the same time?!