When does the World Series begin? I don’t even know who made it to the playoffs this year. I’ve been kind of busy

And today is my last Saturday to take a deep breath before winding up and stepping to the plate, if you don’t mind mixing my baseball metaphors. I’m getting ready to plunge full steam ahead into the marketing phase of book signings and bazaars.

New on my sale table this year is “Back from Obesity: My 252-pound Weight-loss Journey,” a 272-page tome, complete with “Then” and “Now” photos documenting my progress. I wrote this book to inspire, encourage, and motivate others who would like to get their health back on track and live a happier life.

I also have many other books available, including some very entertaining “Chicken Soups” of Crazy Cat Stories, the Joys of Home Ownership, and Miracles All Around Us in addition to seven other volumes written all by myself.

But today is a day of gathering my energy and thoughts and plotting the next couple months. I’ll be dividing my time three ways: Hillsboro still taking the lion’s share of my time, then Bazaars, then maybe a few nights at home, reloading for the next sale venue.

“They say” Christmas is coming, but I may be too busy to notice!