I know it’s early. I’m in shock myself to be sitting at my bazaar table in a Santa Hat the next two days instead of sporting my Halloween pumpkin antenna headgear. But the way the calendar lined up, my first Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale of the season takes place October 31—November 1 at the Peninsula Church Center in Seaview.

I love all my bazaar venues, but this one is a little nearer and dearer to my heart. For one, since I joined the Presbyterian Church more than 30 years ago, I know just about everybody there. For two, those “Church Ladies” make the best darn pie, and treating myself to a piece of strawberry/rhubarb just once a year is something I look eagerly forward to.

There’s also an opportunity to get a great deal of my “Christmas Shopping” done right here at home, and be supporting not only the local crafters, but also the Presbyterian Women’s efforts on a larger scale. I don’t make it to the meetings too often, but giving 15% of my sales to their efforts makes me feel just a little more connected.

So come on out this weekend. Say “Hi!” and have some pie, and I’ll bet you, too, can get one heckuva jump start on your gift list this year. And remember: Books are one-size-fits all, wrap easily, ship well, and won’t rot your teeth. (Tell me at the bazaar that a book is a gift that won’t rot your teeth and I’ll give you $1 off every single book you buy!)