I’ve been wondering if there’s anything mystic in being born with a certain astrological sign, or perhaps with a certain birth date. Oh, I’m not about to plan my life according to what is “forecast” by some self-proclaimed interpreter of the stars (a.k.a: horror-scope writer), but I still wonder about such things.

January 29th is Oprah Winfrey’s 61st birthday. Oprah and I were born the same year, but after that, our similarities are unfortunately few. However, Oprah shares her birth date with Harriet Tubman, and I find that little piece of information very thought-provoking.

(I’ll let you do your own sleuthing here, if you’re truly interested.)

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to contemplate that fact that I seem to share my own birth date with a lot of singers, actors and authors. Gemini is, after all, the sign of born entertainers. Or maybe it’s just the singers, actors and authors who make the list…

More on this in June. Maybe. Gemini’s are also rather prone to changing their minds!