If you haven’t read my last post, “Where is God?”, you might want to do that for back story before reading this one… I have begun taking to heart my MF’s (Minister Friend’s) suggestions and am actively working to refill my empty emotional well.

It’s tough going. Everything in me wants to remain in bed with the covers pulled over my head, lamenting the unfairness and cruelty of the Universe and gnashing my teeth at the hopelessness of the human condition.

But doing so will not effect change, and life is all about change.

Since it was pointed out by my MF last week that teaching and traveling and writing are the activities that sustain my well being, I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more of them into my everyday life. It’s a lot more work than staying in bed all day, but already I’m experiencing the benefits.

On March 2, I’ll be teaching a little “mini-workshop” to AARP members at the Klipsan Senior Center on how to start getting those family memoirs down on paper. On March 7, I’m teaching two workshops at the Pacific Northwest Gift Gallery in Castle Rock: One on personal experience writing, and one on organizing and expanding novel ideas.

In a few months, I’ll be traveling to Asia with my dear friend Miriam—trip details in a later post. I’m still looking for a travel experience to fill an open slot next fall, but I’m sure one will magically appear now that I am receptive to these opportunities.

As for the writing component… Well, that’s causing me the most “grief.” I need a large block of quality time to do any quality writing, and the way my “real life” is playing out at the moment, that kind of time at the keyboard is rather nonexistent.

But two out of three is pretty darn good, and my MF’s smile was big and broad when I told him of my baby steps in the right direction. Actively pursuing the activities that bring me joy will help sustain me through the “rough patches” as they are presented.

That’s the plan, and I’m sticking to it.