Do not jump in here in the comments section to correct me—the spelling of “aisle” in the headline is intentional. I have been to the actual Isle of Capri, a fabulous place to be sure, but that’s not the focus of this post today.

Today I’m writing about my recent adventure at the Goodwill store in Hillsboro in an actual AISLE of Capris (What we called “pedal pushers” in the good old days.)

It was a beautiful spring day, and I begrudgingly knew it was time to “lighten up” my wardrobe for the possibility of even warmer days to come. (Yes, even in the Pacific Northwest, we have a few days in which long jeans are inappropriately dysfunctional.)

Now I’m not a “shorts” person. Ever. I just don’t have the legs to pull off such a look, and I often think there should be some form of “fashion police” distributing warnings to those whose bright white legs are a public nuisance.

But I’ve a friend who wears capris pretty much year ‘round, and her shape and size is roughly similar to mine, so maybe, just maybe, I could get away with a small portion of my calf showing between the pants hem and my sock top.

I found the correct aisle of the store, then stood dumfounded. There were no “slimming” black capris, and none of the traditional “blue jeans” colors. Instead, I faced an array of khaki, tan, eggshell, beige, and for the first time in my life, I confronted a color that can only be defined as “ecru.”

What the….???

I was just barely able to consider changing a style, and now I had to embrace colors heretofore foreign to my closet?

Nevertheless, I bit the bullet, and loaded my cart with pants in six different colors and three different sizes. And that’s when I took on the ridiculous “six garment limit” policy. In the end, the woman with the key to the kingdom, a.k.a. dressing room, agreed with me, and I was allowed unrestricted access to the… wait for it… to the 28 pairs of capris I felt I needed to try on before I could attempt to make such a life-changing purchase.

Over an hour later, I had narrowed it down to six colors of capris in two sizes. I bought them all. And if/when the weather mandates I wear a pair in public, you’ll probably be wearing your “shades” anyway!