Summer used to be one heck of a long dry spell for us television addicts. Nothing but reruns as far as the eye could see. But times have changed. Some of my “favorite” shows are those whose season now begins where the traditional network season leaves off.

And with the advent of the DVR (the modern-day morph of the VCR I was raised on), I can record all my shows to watch at my convenience. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I actually sat down and watched television “live,” so to speak.

Watching television takes my mind off what I’m really doing, which is exercising. Since I never allow myself to just sit and watch TV, whenever the “boob tube” is on, I’m on my recumbent bike, pedaling my ass off.

It’s a definite win-win. The only drawback, as far as I’m concerned, is that my “bike lap” is only big enough for one cat at a time.