DSC05688“They said” we’d have an opportunity to swim in the Aegean Sea during this optional add-on tour. What they didn’t tell us was that we’d be instructed to literally jump off the boat to do so!DSC05693

But I was here for the adventure, and I gamely wriggled into my swimsuit as we took the brief trip from the volcano hiking stop to the swimming hole a couple small islets over. Although advertised as a “natural hot springs,” my brother had been here several years ago and warned me that it was just a muddy hole with luke warm water and not to waste my time on it.

DSC05701So when I climbed to the very bottom of the ladder and gently eased myself in, I knew I was just going to paddle close by the boat and not attempt the swim over and back in the short time they gave us for this stop.DSC05700

I’m pretty darn nearsighted, so I had brought my “swimming glasses” with me for this activity. In hindsight, I should have given Pat a few camera usage lessons before I got in, as the only photo I got to certify my experience was taken by another tourist on the boat! Nevertheless, I’m grateful for that one picture of ME in swimming in the salty SEA.

DSC05702Heck, it was so salty I doubt that anyone ever drowns there. I was totally buoyant and barely moved my paddling arms at all. Of course, I’m equipped with natural DSC05699water wings, but I don’t think it mattered here!

(You can click on the photo to see my big, silly, salty grin. Life is good, and I’m STILL in GREECE!)