Jan Bono

Jan Bono’s essays have been featured in 56 “Chicken Soup” books, making her one of the series’ TOP FIVE CONTRIBUTORS, WORLD WIDE. Her ten years writing an op-ed newspaper column garnered 11 Washington Newspaper Publisher Awards (WNPA). She has written 5 humorous, personal experience short story collections; two poetry chapbooks; a collection of short romances; a book about her 252-pound weight-loss journey; nine one-act plays as well as a dinner theater play. She also has been published in numerous magazines, including “Guiding Post,” “Star” and “Woman’s World.” Winner of multiple regional writing competitions, Bono was the grand prize winner in the 2012 Coast Weekend serial mystery chapter contest. That experience inspired her to write her mystery series she describes as being like “Murder, She Wrote” –with a lot more humor.

Chasing Rainbows: Poetry for the Hopeful Romantic

Chasing Rainbows: Poetry for the Hopeful Romantic


A chapbook of 48 poems for general audiences. A successful relationship is as elusive as the fabled pot of gold, but we learn to appreciate both the sun and the rain, and never, ever, give up Chasing Rainbows. 


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