In case you missed it, Chicken Shit, Part 1, was posted two months ago, on February 23, and was the recounting of my irrational, yet insurmountable stage fright when I attended the Peninsula Players’ monthly “Improv Night.” (see link in sidebar)

Since then, I had the opportunity to “stand in” at rehearsals for many of the actors performing in my two plays produced by the Willapa Players in Raymond. Piece of cake! No worries! I just staggered about the stage with the script in my hand, reading the lines I’d written, my only responsibility to give the “cue” for the next actor.

So I thought maybe this time I’d be able to get up there, impromptu, and be silly without benefit of a script. Come on, these people are my friends, they won’t hold it against me if I totally bomb up there… At least that’s what I told myself…

And it was true! Due in great part to the loving support of friends and acquaintances, I managed to grab my trembling bootstraps (ok, bootstraps don’t actually tremble, I know that, just bear with me here) and climb up onto the stage. I participated in four different activities, all designed to tap the creative side of the brain, and I was free to say whatever came into my head… The tough part was making what came out of my mouth somehow relevant to what the other person had just said… That proved to be a whole lot different than talking (or writing) to oneself! But I did it!

This was no small feat for my normally chicken shit self. Even my closest friends could not begin to imagine the depth of my fear… I guess it’s fear of humiliating myself… But now I’ve faced my fear and gotten up there! And I never, ever, have to do it again!

Let me edit that last statement: I never, ever, have to do it FOR THE FIRST TIME, again. Cause you know, I just might want to go back next month… Just to observe, you know… Might make me a better writer… Shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to watch other people perform… Saturday, May 16, 7:00 p.m. at the 2nd Story Playhouse in Ilwaco.

Will I see you there?