A few days ago, I had the privilege of traveling to Centralia with two other members of our local Coastal Writers’ Critique group. Our primary mission: to gather information on the self-publishing process. Our secondary mission: to have fun along the way. I am happy to report that both missions were successfully accomplished.

The people at Gorham Printing are helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. You get the feeling as soon as you walk through the door that this is one of those quality businesses where the customer really matters.

Kathleen Shaputis, Customer Service Rep, immediately seated us in comfortable chairs around a large conference table and we were given a 64-page book delineating the steps involved, from submitting a manuscript to holding the finished book in our hands. An extensive bookcase displayed a sampling of the various types of covers, colors and sizes available. So many choices!

After thoroughly answering all our questions, Kathleen gave us a tour of the actual production plant. The three of us were amazed at the cleanliness of the operation, as well as the entire processing system. We observed every step and station, and came away extremely impressed.

Coastal Writers’ Critique plans to produce a Christmas Collection this year. Gorham Printing (see link in sidebar) will definitely be our first choice for all our printing needs. And who knows? Some of us might even have another book or two, tucked away in our bottom desk drawers, that may yet see publication.

Nothing beats a field trip for gathering information… and inspiration.