Ok, it’s time I shared my heretofore undisclosed secret exercise weapon with my blog readers. I haven’t talked about my ultimate weight-loss assistant before now because I didn’t want to hear any crappola from the nay-sayers expounding upon the various sundry and assorted reasons why I would not succeed.

To further my progress toward my fitness goals, I bought myself a recumbent bike for Christmas. And as soon as I shared that bit of information with someone I thought was my trusted friend, she snottily retorted, “And just how long before it becomes nothing more than an expensive clothes rack?”

And that totally pissed me off. How dare her! I bought the bike, at the suggestion of my knee doctor in December, to have a low-impact exercise machine right here handy. I moved the recliner out of the rec room on January 1, and have pedaled for at least an hour EVERY SINGLE DAY since then. It’s amazingly convenient, sitting right there in front of the TV, giving me no excuse not to hop on and pedal my hips away.

Already it’s been a good investment, taking the place of 58 trips to the gym. And as far as becoming a clothes rack? Not a chance—clothing on my bike is entirely optional.