MDN, a.k.a. My Darling Niece, is coming to visit for a few days. This will be a first. Not the first time she has visited, of course, but the first time she has driven here all by herself. She’s 20, and a sophomore now at the University of Washington. She’ll be on her break before spring quarter starts, and she wants to spend some quality time with her Aunty.

That last paragraph sure makes me feel so… OLD! I mean, I can remember, just yesterday, lying on the floor with her teaching her to “roll over.” I taught by example, of course, and the entire family was entertained by my demonstrations, until the miracle happened and my niece actually rolled over!

So now she’s coming to visit, all on her own. I told her to make a list of things she wants to do and see while she’s visiting. And of course, I’ve got the local Visitors’ Guide she can peruse when she gets here.

We’re not telling her mother (who would have my head for this), but MDN is going to take her first self-propelled motorcycle ride. She’s ridden on the back of a bike before, but she’s never been the one driving. Her aunty (that would be me) thinks it about high time she did that.

This will be our first “adult” bonding time, and it was her idea to come visit during her break. I can only imagine what trouble we’ll find to get into. I can’t wait!