April 28th I led an “Authors’ Readings” group at the Olde Towne Trading Post in Ilwaco. Since it was National Poetry Month, I had issued the call for closet poets to come on out and read their verses.

Twenty-three attended the gathering. Fourteen read poetry. Everyone had a good time. So why is it that mere mortals quake at the thought of reading their work aloud? It’s true. The number one fear of Americans today is not dying—it’s public speaking.

So we’ve made the Authors’ Readings a safe place to practice. Three people there last week had never stood up in a crowd to read poetry before. No one died.

May 26 (always the fourth Wednesday) there will be another opportunity at Olde Towne for authors and listeners to get together to share their work. Stories and poems are always welcome… Maybe this will be the month YOU face your fears.

Join us, won’t you?