I have nine voice mail messages saved for quite some time on my answering machine. Some of them date back about a year. To replay them from time to time is like looking through my photo albums. The messages always make me smile.

I guess I’m a little more sentimental than most folks. Ok, let’s get real here—I’m a LOT more sentimental. My “happy crap” souvenirs and photos of places I’ve been are in every room of my house. One could stand and stare at my refrigerator magnets, sporting the spots I’ve visited for hours on end! I save everything from dinner show tickets and brochures to Mardi Gras beads and sea shells.

It’s the people, the places, and the things we’ve experienced that make us who we are today. I am grateful for every photo in my album and every voice on my recorder, all testimonial snippets of a very happy life.

What special mementos make you happy? Take a few minutes today to stop and appreciate all you’ve done. Celebrate the journey!