I walked into the lobby of my local credit union and saw a table spread with an assortment of summer playthings. There were animal-shaped squirt guns, beach balls, buckets and sand shovels. As an incentive to help kids learn the value of a dollar, the credit union was giving away these toys to children who opened, or added to, a savings account.

I picked up a dolphin-shaped squirt gun. It felt good in my hand. The trigger was nestled right below its belly, and the water would shoot out of its mouth. Coming to my senses, I quickly set it down and looked up at the lobby monitors. Was anyone watching a woman by the tellers’ counter play with something very gun-like?

My friend Laura was working in her glass-enclosed office. I stepped in and complimented her on the “summer fun selection.” “I got to pick them out myself this year,” she replied happily. “They’re for our young savers; kids up to 12 years old.”

I stuck out my lower lip in an exaggerated pout and sadly sighed. I’m sure my eyebrows reflected deep, internal pain. “But isn’t that age discrimination?” I asked, sniffing.

She laughed. “Okay, okay, you can go ahead and take one.”

My grin stretched from ear to ear. Many a friend has since been “baptized” with my dolphin squirt gun. Why should kids have all the fun?