I know a few things about myself: I work best with a deadline. I’m more productive when I’m accountable. I can’t get much done if there’s no golden carrot at the end of the tunnel to grab for—so to speak.

So I’ve spent the past five years “talking” about my novel series. I have eight titles and a brief paragraph summarizing each one. I’ve made copious scene notes, fussed with the character quirks and descriptions, created an imaginary place that looks a lot like the peninsula, but I hadn’t written even a single page of the first book.

Until this week.

Two weeks ago, I was lamenting, yet again, the fact that I never get a block of “quality writing time.” My calendar is so packed with places to go and people to meet and miscellaneous appointments that I blamed “lack of time” on my inability to tether myself to the keyboard.

Now those who know me, know I am a card-carrying devotee of the Law of Attraction. I totally believe that when you put in your order with the universe, the universe provides exactly what you asked for—but maybe not exactly how you, personally, visualized it.

So shortly after my last “I can’t get any writing done” whine, my car was backed into. At first I didn’t see how that particularly stressful event was an answer to my request for MORE available work time, what with the additional drains of filing insurance papers and phone calls and appraiser visits and trips to the body shop, but the silver lining, unbeknownst to me, was right around the corner.

I’ve been stranded at home, the car in the body shop, for the past five days. And guess what? I’VE BEEN WRITING MY NOVEL! Once again, I got exactly what I asked for from the Universal Mind, the Energy Source, the Divine Spirit, the Collective Consciousness, or whatever you personally want to call that Higher Power out there.

The Law of Attraction never fails, and although I wouldn’t recommend having your car run into as the first way to get some time home alone, I do recommend recognizing your blessings when they appear.

So now I’ve gotten a good start on my novel, my car is fixed, and I’ve set up a definite schedule, with definite deadlines, for finishing my book.

Life, as always, is very good!